I must admit......I have been a bit lacy.....have not updated this english page in a year, but here comes some of the news:

We had a litter during 2011 with 7 puppies 3 females and 4 boys, moter is Nelvana`s Cool Creation and the proud father is NVCH Desperado`s Yunior. A lovely litter that we are very satisfied with bouth in psyke and health.
We kept one of the females "Frøya" (N. Nothern Lights), hopefully she will be great and be able to have her own puppies at the kennel. She is co-owned by the family that have her mother "Ylva".
Frøya has done well the show`s she has been to. As a puppy she got 1st price, BOB x 2, Best of group and Best of group 3, 3 Best in Show. As a junior she got - 3 x exellent, 2 x CQ, CC, BOB and 3 Best in group.

We are very pleased with "Ylva`s" offspring and have made some plans for a new litter from her during 2013, male is not decided yet.

04.06.2011 A lot has happened since i have uppdated this english side, shame on me...., but here is some of the top news.
Nelvana`s Cadillac "Tootsie" acheiwed 2 x CC at a double show in Hammerfest, bouth days she also got placed in the group finale.
Results for all the Nelvana`s you can see at the Litter-page
Our Ylva had 7 puppies 29 og april, 4 males and 3 females, they are now 5 weeks old, to see pictures of them look in our puppydiary (In Norwegian).
06.11.2010 Our "Am-Car" and "Football" litter is now old enough to have their hips x-rayed. First one from the Fotball-litter has got her results...N. Goalkeeper "Maja" god B-hips and are free :-).
From the Am-Car litter 3 of the boys have been to x-ray, all got free hips, 1 with B and 2 with A.
Now we are waiting fror the rest of the youngsters to have their hips checked and keep our fingers crossed for tha same god results for them.
20.09.2010 This weekend "Thea" Nelvana`s Chevelle got 1jk, 1jkk, CC and BOB for judge Svein Helgesen at saturday, sunday she got the same wonderful result for judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg. We are so proud of this two yongsters, Thea is one year and her handler has just become 14 years. Picks of Thea
26.04.2010 Today we celebrate our Wilma, she is 6 years today. So far she has had the best healt we could hope for, only been to the vet once when she had an urine-infection, and when she has had puppies. The puppies are growing fast, soon they will start hearing, they have small eyeglips and are trying hard to walk around, but most of the thime they stumble over and fall. New picks of the puppies you find in the Puppydiary, under the link "2 uker"
17.10.09 Hurray for N.Nordic Art "Buster", he got exellent A-hips too, now there are only 3 left in the Art-litter who has not been in X-ray, so far, all got A-hips.
30.09 Finaly we got Ylva`s results too, and she got exellent A-hips, now we wait for the rest of the gang in the Art-litter to go and have their hips x-rayed.
28.09 N. Special Design (Bajaz) and N. Taste of Art (Piffi) from our Art-litter has got their hip results, they bouth got exellent A-hips. Now we are waiting for the rest of the Art-litter to go and have their hips chekked. Our Ylva (N. Cool Creation) was last friday so hopefully the result will come this week.
Our juniors, Ylva(N. Cool Creation), Piffi (N. Taste of Art) and Bajaz (N. Special Design) has been to the dogshow in Ballangen. Ylva got CC and BOB, Bajaz 1st. and HP and Piffi 1st price for judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland.

Bajaz, Piffi and Ylva.
22.08. Bajaz (Nelvana`s Special Design) and Ylva (Nelvana`s Cool Creation) was at the dog-show in Lofoten first of august, Bajaz got CC and BOS bouth days, and Ylva got 1st and HP saturday and 1st. and res.CC sunday. Bajaz has achived 4 CC now from yongsterklass.
Today Nelli (Nelvana`s Snowracer) was at the dog-show in Mo, she got CC and BOB, not bad when she is 4 weeks preagnant.
16.06.09 This weekend we went to Tromsø to join the dog-show.
Saturday our Bella (Nelvana`s Snowflake) got CC and BOB, her little brother Bajaz (Nelvana`s Special Design) got CC and BOS.
Sunday our Ylva (Nelvana`s Cool Creation) got CC and BOS
and brother Bajaz CC and BOB.
Bella is 2,5 year and from the Snow-litter (NUCH/N.S.VCH Brigadoon Ebony & Ivory - NVCH Collowin Heather of Hutton)
Ylva and Bajaz is 1 year and from our Art-litter (Int. Fin. Est. & N Ch, EUW-06 Rindi`s Pablo Picasso / NVCH Collowin Heather of Hutton)
20.11.08 In october Piffi, Ylva, Bajaz and Theo from the Art-litter went to puppyshow in Tromsø. Ylva (N. Cool Creation) got BOB and 3rd in group and Theo (N. Prefect Stroke) got BOS. All of them got very good critic and really enjoyed to be at the show.
Last weekend Piffi, Theo and Bajaz went to an unofficial show in Narvik, this time Theo got BOB and Piffi BOS, but in the BIS-ring Piffi was called in insted of Theo, she got 4 BIS.
Have taken some new picks of Mira (N. Snowhite in Black) 2 years old.

Today we celebrate Wilma who passed the test to become a search-dog for wounded deer, elk/moose etc. And last monday I passed my hunter-examination. So now we bouth are ready for the wilderness ;-)

Last weekend we went to a dog show in Ballangen. Mira, Bella and Tuva from our Snowlitter was there, our Bella got CC and BOB bouth days. There were 5 biches in yongclass, and Bella got first, Mira second with res.CC and Tuva nr tree with 1 kvality. Next day was the same result, but this time Mira got HP and was told that she would have got res.CC if she had been a bit thinner ;-))))
So now we will go to Tromsø in october with three of our dogs that is waiting to become a showchampion and one moore daughter of Wilma that also only needs the NKK-CC, Nelvana`s Snowracer (Nelli). Picks from the show

Now we have the result from 6 of the 7 puppies from the Snow-litter, they all have A hips. -Litters

28.08 We are still celebrating, also for Nelli this time, she got her hip result today witch was A and is the best, 6 of the 7 dogs from the Snow-litter has been x-rayed and they all have exellent hips (A), now we are only waiting for the last one Elvis who will be x-rayed soon.
24.08 Hurray for Nelli (Nelvana`s Snowracer) who got CC and BOS at the dogshow at Mo I Rana today for Swedish judge Karl Gunnar Staffberg, yesterday she got res.CC and 3rd in vinnerclass for Rus? judge Lavinia Ster.
11.08 Finally we got Tuva and Bella`s (Snow litter) hip results, and bouth of them have exellent A-hips.
27.07 We are celebrating Wilma`s son -Nelvana`s Snowball Fighter who got his result from his hips.........A. :-)
07.06 Today Nelli (Nelvana`s Snowracer) has been to the NKK show in Trondhjem. She got 1 price in youngsterklass and 3rd in the competition, well done among the big competition (about 40 springers attended). Now we hope for a god picture to put on her side.
02.06 Today I had the privilege to visit the 3 weeks old wolf-puppies in Polar Zoo -Picks
01.06 Ai, ai, Mira did it again, same result as yesterday, CC; BOB 2nd best in group. Now she only needs to reach the age of 2 year and get the NKK CC to be a show-champion. Picture
31.05 HUUURRRAYYYY for our Mira (Nelvana`s Snowhite in Black) who got CC, BOB and 2 in group today for judge Raita Ritva from Finland. She got the best critik and the judge kissed her and said: -This is how a springer schould be. We cross our finger for tomorrow when she will show for judge Ove Gjermundson.
Wilma is growing bigger every day now, she is bigger this time compared to last pregnancy, in 3 weeks time we will know how many there are.
A few days ago there were several whales in our fjord, what an experience for our guest from Nederland who never have seen a whale before.

(Picture taken by Salangen Nyheter- LINK)
29.04 Had a new ultrasound on Wilmas stomage today, and the vet saw even more puppies this time. 6 for sure, but mabye 7 puppies. Exiting to see what the result will be. Puppydiary (in norwegian)
28.04 Wilma was trilled to see Dag`s son Linas from Holland today, he has brought a friend with him to see how it is up here in the north of Norway. I belive it will be a great experience to try skiing in the mountains for his friend (Maarten) who never have seen so much snow before (and that in a time when we almost have nothing left :-))
Our little princess Wilma, is growing, now she really looks pregnant, she is already moaning a lot and does not have the same speed in the field as she had last time she was pregnant, I`m so exited to see how many puppies and what sex they have.
24.04 Happy birthday to you Wilma! She is 4 years old today. We went to the vet a few days ago for the ultrasound, and we saw 3 -4 embryos, but there might be more. Her stomage is bigger now and she loocks pregnant already.
11.04 Mira`s result from her hip-xray has arriwed, and she got the best result, A hips, and we are so happy for that. No news from Wilmas pregnancy, she has good apetite, but it seems that her tits have changed a bit. Maybe we will take ultrasound during next week.
02.04 Mira (N. Snowhite in Black) has taken her hip-X-ray today, the vet said that they looked fine, but we have to wait now for the result on Dogweb. We still does not know if Wilma is pregnant after visiting beautiful Pablo in Finland, but she has changed her behavior, she sleeps a lot and want more cuddle, so we keep our fingers crossed and hope for puppies in may.
24.03 During easter we have been in Finland visiting lovely Pablo (Rindis Pablo Picasso) and his friendly family. We were well cared for by Jaana and Timo at kennel Baskethill`s. They had 5 bitches, Pablo and 8 puppies after him and Saimi. Wilma only allowed one mating in the evening at day 12, hopefully that will be enough, and we hope for lovely puppies around 23 may. Pablo really lived up to our hopes, he has such great nature and are so lovely to, in around 20 days we will know more after the ultrasound. We send lots of THANKS to Jaana and Timo in Finland.
06.02. Finally, DNA results from Bella (N Snowflake) arrived today from England, and she came out as free / normal. Now we only have to wait for Santo (N Snow Show) and Elvis (N Snowshoe Thompson) results and keep our fingers krossed for them. Still waiting for Wilma to come into season so we can visit Pablo in Finland.
30.01. Nelvana`s Snow Show (Santo) got his result from the hips-Xray, and he got exellent hips (A), now we only have to wait for the DNA-test for cord-1 gene.
15.01. Today we have gonoskopied 3 of Wilma`s daughters, Bella, Mira and Tuva. All had excellent eyes.



-We congratulate "Pablo" with his new titles after visiting Estland. This is his titles now:
INT./FIN./NOR./EST Champion EW-06 Rindi`s Pablo Picasso.
-New picture of Wilma (3years) and her daughter Nelvana`s Snowcrystal -Tuva (1 year)
-So close, but not this time either. Wilma became 2`nd best in best bitch-class at the NKK-show in Tromsø this weekend. She got res.CC and res.CACIB. Judge Lisbeth Campell really liked her and this is what she wrote:Feminin bitch, great loocking type, head with nice lines. Great expression and god lower-jaw, god angels in front but would like a bit deeper chest, fine middlehand, god body. Great angled back-feet. Great movement from side, nice stile and carriage. A delightful springer.
We congratulate Zelini`s Wild Romance with his championtitle and BOB and Zelini`s Annie get your gun with the CC and BOS.
Nelvana`s Snowhite in Black got 2`nd price in juniorclass as estimated, she has absolutly no coat at the time and really needs to grov into her body, but the show gave great experience for the younger. Her brother, Nelvana`s snowshoe Thompson was in the showring for the first time, he got 1 price and price of honour, a beautyfull, bit heavy male with a great temperament, but also he needs to develop a great deal. Picture of "Elvis" (N Snowshoe Thompson)
-Added a few new pics: The Bernaise mountaindog -Max is here on a little vacation. -New trip in the mountain. -New paintings dog/cat/horse.
-New picture of Wilmas son Santo - Nelvana`s Snow Show 1 year. -Picture
- iiiiiiiiihaaaa, Wilma got her third 1 price in blood-tracking today, so now she ownes the title: Norsk Viltsporchampion. Our fingers are crossed for the NKK-show in Tromsø in october, she has 8 CC now and only needs the NKK -CC to become Norwegian showchampion.
- Wilma`s daughter Nelli (Nelvana`s Snowracer) achieved CC and BOB at the age of 11 months at the dog-show in Mosjøen this weekend. Here is what judge Frank Kane says about her:
11 months. Exellent breedtype and balance, with good proportions and exellent movements, with good length and stride. Feminine head, who needs time to finish. I would prefer just a little more bone. Great promise.
The next day she achieved 1jk, 1jkk and HP. for judge Lisbeth Campell.
We are waiting for a great picture of her, but in the meantime you can se her at her own page. Pictures Nelli
-New pictures of Wilma`s son Werner (Nelvana`s Snowball Fighter) 10 months. Pictures Werner
-New pictures from our trips in the mountains. Pictures


NEWS 2006

-Puppies born 24 september -Pictures
-Wilma i expecting puppies 26 september. See puppy-plans
-Picture of Wilma 2 years
-2 more CC and 2 more BOB this weekend
-Picture of Wilma from the latest dog-show
- New photolink - Nature
- Information in english about Wilma
- Information about our puppy plans